The usage of IP Bridge license

Things could be achieved by IP bridge

  • Record redundantly on a different Mainconsole server without purchasing double camera licenses
  • Record the same cameras in different Mainconsole servers with different recording settings. For example:
    • Recording high resolution/frame rate in main Mainconsole server, recording low resolution/frame rate in IP Bridge Mainconsole server
    • Always recording in main Mainconsole server, motion recording in IP Bridge Mainconsole server
  • Record on one Mainconsole, and do video analytics on the other Mainconsole.

Connection diagram:


Please note that the IP bridge server can receive video streams from the main Mainconsole server, but not from the IP cameras.

License type:

The NUUO IP+ Bridge license type shown in the Mainconsole license manager:

The NUUO IP+ Bridge license name in the price book: SCB-IP-P-STD-M

Please activate one channel camera license on the IP bridge Mainconsole server.


  1. Please install Mainconsole on two different servers respectively.
  2. On the main Mainconsole side, please add the IP cameras. And please go to Settings > Network Services, and enable the live streaming service:

  3. On the IP Bridge Mainconsole Server side, please activate the following licenses:
    - one IP Bridge license,
    - one channel camera license.

    Please note: The main Mainconsole is deemed as a “video server” in this configuration. Therefore only one channel license is required to enable the IP Bridge server to receive video streams from all cameras of the main Mainconsole.

  4. Please go to the IP Bridge Server > Settings > System Settings > Camera, and add the main Mainconsole into the IP Bridge server just as a normal video server:
    - Please enter IP address of the main Mainconsole.
    - Please enter port number of the live streaming service of the main Mainconsole (default number is 5150).
    - Please enter user name/password of the main Mainconsole.
    - Please select “IP bridge” for vendor and model name.

    Note: To save waiting time, please only select the number of cameras existing in the main Mainconsole. For example, select “video channel 1, 2, ..., 6” as shown in the image above.

  5. Please go to Settings > System Settings > Camera, click on the "Camera Settings" button to change the video streams of these cameras.

    For example, you could select “Low” here, and record the camera with a low bitrate in the IP bridge server. The recording bitrate on the main Mainconsole server is not affected.

  6. Done.


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