Use "Lost record detection" to get notification when HDD had issues


1.The recording data failed to be written in the HDD.

2.The failure generated when Mainconsole writing data into the storage path.

3.User have checked system logs and found error message for "Record Issue" as below.

[Root cause]

Writing failure is probably caused by problems of the HDDs, or problems on the connection between Mainconsole and the external storage. 


1. Users can utilize "Lost record detection" , the built-in event in Mainconsole (v6.4 or above), to acquire the instant notification from the mainconsole.  

Please refer to the image below:


    a. We suggest users to add this event and also add email notification if it is triggered.

    b. We suggest users to replace faulty HDDs, or carefully check connection to the storage if the event is triggered frequently.


2. Customer can also detect HDD health through "HDD tune". Please download from here.


For more health condition test, please go on HD Tune website to gain further information.

3. Please test with the Raid management tools which you can obtain from the supplier.

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