Step by step guide for setting up Heatmap in Mainconsole

1. First of all please check the camera is installed in proper location and angle. A suggested indoor position is on the ceiling and look down.

2. Please make sure you have enough channel of Surveillance/Advanced IVS channels

3. Go to IVS setting page:


4. Try to insert a IVS channel, and associate it with corresponding camera and license 2017-07-28_14h26_24.png

5. You should see yellow bounding boxes around the detected objects

6. If some areas will cause unwanted result (ex: mirrors, windows glasses), please also remember to set is as non-detection zone. (By creating a new zone and set it as "Non-Detection")

7. In the same dialog, switch to "Advanced" tab. Remember to change the "Log every" setting if you want to see the result faster.2017-07-28_14h32_45.png

8. Go to network service and start "Report Service". You will get no data if this service is turned off.


9. You should see the first result after 2 times of "Log every" time you set. (Ex: 20mins if you set it to 10 min). You can get it by go to Web report page and follow the steps in below picture. 


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