[Mainconsole] How to retrieve license from USB dongle?


I lost my license number. How to retrieve the missing license from USB dongle again?


Please check the color of USB dongle is blue or brown?

It’s possible to get the license key from Brown USB dongle, after getting the license from dongle it will become invalid.

However, it’s NOT possible to get license key from Blue USB dongle because it belongs to IP, not IP+

If it is brown color, please follow below steps to get dongle ID:

1. Insert USB dongle license to any PC. Copy DongleReader folder to this PC.

2. Run DongleReader.exe and it will generate a *.log file (dongle.log) to store USB license dongle ID. Please send this dongle.log file to express@nuuo.com. Thus, we can check the license number via license server record.

Note: If the license still cannot be found even if eHelpdesk check the dongle ID, it means the USB license dongle hasn't been activated yet. Please activate it via Mainconsole activation tool on 6.x or below.


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    Erick Pinlac

    I have Brown USB. got this from the dongle log file (as instructed): 

    NUIPPLUS 748785284 8

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    Erick Pinlac

    got it. thanks for the help!

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