How to use Multi-stream function in Mainconsole to avoid transcoding request in Remote Live Viewer?


When the Remove Live Viewer is connected to the Mainconsole server, CPU loading might reach to 100% due to transcoding request.



In Mainconsole (v5.0 and above), select Multi-stream function to avoid the transcoding request. Mainconsole can handle stream2 and stream3 directly from multi-stream supported cameras rather than transcoding stream1 into another stream profile.

  1. Before enabling Multi-stream function: Mainconsole server is transcoding stream1 to stream2, as Remote Live Viewer is requesting stream2.
  2. When user clicks on [Open Stream Usage Panel] in [Start Menu], the [Stream Usage Panel] will illustrate that all channels are transcoding from "stream1", which is usually the original stream with highest resolution and biggest bit rate, to "stream2" for Remote Live Viewer.
  3. After Multi-stream function is enable in Mainconsole, no decoding request is needed for Mainconsole server, as Remote Live Viewer can now use stream2 directly from camera itself. With the exception for those cameras that do NOT support Multi-stream function.


Please refer to this wiki "How to enable Multi-stream function for local display?" to understand the detailed settings in Mainconsole (v5.0 and above).

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