Mainconsole pops up "virtual memory overrun" message and reboots


Mainconsole* pops up "virtual memory overrun" message and reboots.



The "virtual memory overrun" warning message indicates that the virtual memory (VM) has been overused.

When Mainconsole exceeds 1.8Gb in 32-bit Windows OS and 3.8Gb in 64-bit Windows OS in VM usage, it will show an error message and kill/freeze the system.

User can find the overrun VM history log in the file "VirtualSize.txt" located at Mainconsole installation path (the default installation path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\NUUO\SCB_IP").

Possible reasons are:
  1. Too many cameras connection
  2. Video parameters for IP cameras are set too high.
  3. Too many client users accessing the server with transcoding funciton enabled (choose another streaming profile to avoid this problem).
  4. IP camera integration causing memory leak (contact our engineer to connect through TeamViewer and diagonse the situation).

(1) Change to 64-bit Windows OS. If you must use 32-bit OS, we will suggest using NuCalculator to calculate the minimum hardware requirement first. We strongly recommend our customers to use 64bit OS to avoid "virtual memory overrun" issue if you have Intel i5 or i7.
(2) Mainconsole requires little memory footprint to run some background services and its internal functions (Smart Guard, Main Record, local display, Remote Client Viewer, etc.). If more high resolution IP cameras are connected, it will require more VM usage. If Record on Motion is used, it will also require more virtual memory to run motion detection algorithm. You can follow these steps to reduce system freeze and/or reboot:
  1. Remove some cameras on the server side.
  2. Lower the video parameters, such as fps, resolution and so on.
  3. Limit the maximum connection numbers in a safer range.



You can also check your Mainconsole VM usage with Process Explorer provided by Microsoft.

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