Unable to view the Remote Live View on Internet Explorer


When trying to view Remote Live View from Internet Explorer (IE), a message might pop up that ActiveX is required to be installed. However, after the installation, a dialogue shows an error message and forced to terminate the program.


1. You are using 64-bit IE.
2. You didn't turn off your Windows Firewall and Windows UAC.
3. Your ActiveX is not installed properly.



1. Make sure you are using a 32-bit IE9 or above (64-bit is not supported yet).
2. Make sure to turn off Windows Firewall and Windows UAC.
3. Delete the ActiveX file: “WebViewS_3_2_0” under the path "C:\Users\Public Documents" (Windows 7).
4. Delete a XML file “WebLiveViewerSettings.xml” under the path "C:\Users\$USER\AppData\Roaming\NUUO\<Web Live Viewer Server IP>" (Windows 7)
5. Re-open IE and try again.


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