Unable to view Live View/Playback in IE browser


Unable to view Live View/Playback in Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

Or there is a popup error message as the picture below


  1. IE version is not 9/10/11 (upgrading is recommended)
  2. IE 64-bit is not supported
  3. Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library is not installed yet (only Main Console is needed)
  4. IE blocked the site because it is not identified as a secure and trusted
  5. Plug-in(ActiveX) is not properly installed or disabled on IE
  6. Blocking of antivirus software to live view / playback


1. Choose IE browser 32-bit

IE browser 64-bit is not supported. User can use IE browser 32-bit in Windows Vista/7/8.1 64-bit OS.


2. Check your PC runs the MFC applications that are built with Visual Studio.

There are two different packs: VC Redist 2005 & 2008.  If not installed yet, download it from below link

(1) VC Redist 2005



(2) VC Redist 2008



[Note] Main Console 7.0 is not necessary to install VC Redist 2005


3. Run IE as an Administrator

(1) Close IE

(2) Go to the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer

(3) Right Click the iexplore icon> Run IE as an Administrator


4. Add NVR IP address to trust site

Tools(Alt+X) > Internet Options > Security > Trusted sites > Sites > Add site

IE_Security0.png    IE_Security1.png


5. Enable IE Compatible mode

Tools(Alt+X) > Compatibility View settings > Add site

IE_Compatibility0.png   IE_Compatibility1.png

6. Remove the plugin and Install again

The web page for Mainvonsole/NVRmini communicates through an ActiveX component. The ActiveX component must be installed on your PC. Moreover, IE browser security settings must allow the ActiveX component for the web page to work correctly.

(1) Delete ActiveX

* Delete the NUUO configuration folder (C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\NUUO)

* For NVR Solo/Mini2, Delete NVSWebAll_2_2_0 folder ( C:\Users\Public\Documents\NVSWebAll_2_2_0)

* For NVR Solo/Mini2 (OEM), Delete NVRStandalone_2_2_0 folder ( C:\Users\Public\Documents\NVRStandalone_2_2_0)

* For Main Console, Delete both folders below
  WebViewS_3_2_0 folder ( C:\Users\Public\Documents\WebViewS_3_2_0),  and 
  WebRPB_3_2_0 folder ( C:\Users\Public\Documents\WebRPB_3_2_0) 

(2) Enable ActiveX in IE security settings page

Tools(Alt+X) > Internet Options > Security > Internet > Custom Level

Please setup your [Security Settings] as follow:

• Enable “Allow previously unused ActiveX controls to run without prompt”

(3) Install ActiveX

Open IE > Allow pop up window > Install ActiveX



7. Reset IE browser to default
Tools(Alt+X) > Internet options > Advanced > Reset
Select OK > Restart your PC to apply changes
IE_Security0.png  IE_Reset.png

8. Turn off the antivirus and firewall temporarily
9. If above steps are useless, please try to use another software to replace IE
Use the Remote Live Viewer / Remote Playback for viewing Live View / Playback.


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