Cannot setup D3D Error - IVS


"Cannot setup D3D Error" messsage appears at IVS starting up.


  1. Your computer does not meet the minimum 3D hardware requirements to run the application.
  2. Your video adapter does not have sufficient video memory to run the application.
  3. DirectDraw, Direct3D, AGP Texture Acceleration are disabled.
  4. Out-of-date video drivers.
  5. The latest version of DirectX is not installed or is corrupted.
  6. One or more programs that are running in the background are interfering with the application.



1. Make sure that your VGA card's benchmark scores over 350. You may try these links to check your video card benchmarks: 


2. Make sure your CPU loading is under 85%. Please use NUUO calculator to check your PC's hardware requirement.


3. Make sure your DirectX is working (DirectX supported VGA card and D3D's Acceleration enabled). The following must be checked:
  • DirectDraw Acceleration is enabled.
  • Direct3D Acceleration is enabled.
  • AGP Texture Acceleration is enbled.

Type in "dxdiag.exe" in the command dialogue to open the DirectX:

And check if DirectDraw, Direct3D, AGP Texture are enabled:


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