Error code: 11 / Serial number has been activated


An error message "SN (a serial number) has been activated. (Error code: 11)" pops up, after clicking the "Activate Button" in License Activate Tool.

當在License Activate Tool裡輸入了序號資訊並點擊"啟用"按鈕後,彈出一個視窗顯示"序號 (相關序號資訊) 已被啟用. (錯誤代碼:11)"。


When you've seen "Error code: 11" shown, it means that the license(s) that you are trying to activate indeed had been binding with specific Network Card MAC address already. It possibly caused by below reasons:

當你看到錯誤代碼 "Error code: 11"時,這意味著你嘗試啟用的序號已經與特定的網卡MAC位址綁定了,可能是以下幾種原因造成的:

1. The serial number has been activated in another PC.

1. 嘗試啟用的序號已經在其他台電腦被啟用過了。

2. When you want to activate your license to a new server, you must transfer your license first (from the old server) and then activate the license to the new one.

2. 當你嘗試要在新的電腦啟用同一批序號時,你必須先(從舊的電腦)轉移這批序號,序號被轉移成功之後才能夠再在新的電腦重新被啟用。

3. Forget to transfer your license(s), before reinstalling your Windows OS and Mainconsole.

3. 在你重新安裝Windows作業系統以及Mainconsole之前,忘記事先把序號先轉移出來了。

For all three possible root causes mentioned, it requires you to perform the process to find the old or another PC with the license(s) activated. And transfer license(s) out from them. By performing any license transfer process, it will remove the license(s) from binding with certain Network Card MAC address. Therefore, you are able to re-activate the license(s) on any new PC you want. Below Solution part will introduce you for the process on how to transfer the license(s) out in order to remove the license(s) MAC address binding. But, if you are facing any one of below reasons that you are not able to perform any license(s) transfer process, please contact us on eHelpDesk and share additional information for further investigation and confirmation. We might be able to reset the license(s) for you accordingly.

以上提及的三點可能造成序號啟用失敗產生"Error code: 11"的原因,你都需要事先找到那台曾經啟用過序號的舊的電腦或是其他電腦,並事先把這些序號先轉移出來。在完成序號轉移程序後,序號與網卡的MAC位址綁定的狀態變會被解除。因此,你就可以在其他電腦上重新啟用序號。在稍後提及到的Solution當中的描述,會在與你介紹如何透過轉移程序解除序號與網卡的MAC位址綁定的狀態。但是如果你面對到下面提到的幾種狀況,你或許將無法執行序號轉移的程序。則需請你透過eHelpDesk連繫我們,並提供更多的資訊以便分析及確認,我們或許能幫你將序號重置。



1. PC crashed and cannot be running again.

1. 電腦當機且無法再被開啟成功。

2. PC was stolen or destroyed.

2. 電腦被偷了或是損毀了。

Information required:


1. Please kindly provide all the MAC address information for the original server for re-confirmation (any wireless Network Cards are also required.). If 3G/LTE mobile network was using for license activation purpose and done successfully, please also provide the MAC address information for the smartphone too.

1. 請提供原本電腦的所有MAC位址資訊(如果有任何無線網卡也請一併提供其MAC位址資訊),假若當初啟用序號是透過3G/LTE這種行動裝置連網啟用並成功的,也請提供提供3G/LTE服務的智慧型手機的MAC位址。

2. If you'd used a Network add-on Card and the PC crashed, you are still able to find out the MAC address of the Network Card(s) if it/they are still functioning. All you have to do is to remove it/them out from its original PC. And insert it/them into another PC that is still functioning. With proper OS system boot up and the Network Card driver(s) installed correctly, you are able to get the MAC address information too. You can check the MAC address with below methods.

2. 假設你的電腦使用了外接的網卡,並且電腦當機了無法開啟,如果外接的網卡還可以正常運作時,你還是可以找到網卡的MAC位址。你應該做的事情是把這張外接網卡從原本的電腦移除後,插入另一台可以正常運作的電腦裡。當另一台電腦被成功開啟進入作業系統,且網卡的驅動程式被正確安裝後,起就能夠正確取回外接網卡的MAC位址,你可以透過以下的方式取得MAC位址資訊。

    2.1 Go to "Start". Search keyword "cmd" and find "Command Line" program. Execute "Command Line" program.

    2.1 執行Windows桌面左下角的"開始",輸入搜尋關鍵字"cmd",你可以找到Windows的命令行(Command Line)程式並執行他。


    2.2 Keyin "getmac" in order to receive the MAC address information for all Network Card devices.

    2.2 輸入"getmac"指令以便取得所有網卡的MAC位址資訊。


3. If point 1 and 2 mentioned above didn't work. You are still able to retrieve MAC address information from PC hardware since Network Card or Motherboard (with built-in Network Card(s)) vendors usually put MAC address information on a sticker on the Network Card (or Motherboard) PCB board or PC chassis. Please check out the steps shown below.

3. 假若前述第1點及第2點方法都無效時,大部分的網卡以及主機板製造商(有內建網卡的主機板)都會將MAC位址資訊顯示在貼紙上並黏貼於網卡的印刷電路板或是機殼上,你還是可以找回網卡的MAC位址資訊,請參閱以下步驟。

    3.1 Pull out the Network Card from the PC.

    3.1 將網卡從電腦內取出。

    3.2 Try to find any sticker on the Network Card showing any MAC address information.

    3.2 嘗試從網卡硬體上找到包含MAC位址資訊的貼紙。



    3.3 The MAC address information might be printed directly onto Network Card PCB. Please also try this way.

    3.3 網卡的MAC位址資訊也有可能直接打印在印刷電路板上,請也試著找找看。

4. Any license(s) purchase order documentation.

4. 請提供任何的序號購買證明文件供確認。



1. Find "ActivateTool" (default folder is "C:\Program Files (x86)\NUUO\SCB_IP")
1. 首先請找到 "Activate Tool"(該程式的預設資料夾路徑在Windows作業系統的"C:\Program Files (x86)\NUUO\SCB_IP"底下)。
2. Use "ActiveTool" to transfer all your serial numbers.
2. 執行"Activate Tool"以便轉移你所有的序號。
    Note that there are two different methods to "transfer":
2.1 Offline Transfer (if your Mainconsole is not connected to the internet) ---> refer to wiki "How to do Offline Transfer"
2.1 Offline Transfer (假設安裝有Mainconsole的電腦沒有辦法存取網際網路) ---> 請參閱wiki文章"How to do Offline Transfer"
2.2 Online Transfer (if your Mainconsole is connected to the internet)
2.2 Online Transfer (假設安裝有Maincosnole的電腦能夠存取網際網路) 
      Online Transfer steps:
      Online Transfer的程序:
  2.2.1 Double click the "ActiveTool" and it will pop out a message to login into Mainconsole.
  2.2.1 雙擊以便啟用"Activate Tool",一個嘗試登入Mainconsole的認證視窗便會呈現。

  2.2.2  After login, a window of License Management Tool will pop out. Select your license, choose "Online" and then click "Transfer".
  2.2.2 登入成功之後,一個用來管理序號的管理工具視窗便會呈現。請選擇你想要轉移的序號並點擊"轉移"。
  2.2.3 Transfer successful if everything is correct.
  2.2.3 如果一切順利的話,序號便會被成功轉移。
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    Filip Cuvelier

    That does not work if like mentioned "forgot to transfer on old system".
    The license number cannot be entered if not already registered on the new system.

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    István Gelei

    How can i transfer the serial number if does not appear or is empty the activate windows?

    In PC the system hard is bad and don't readeble.

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