Error code: 11 / Serial number has been activated


An error message "SN (a serial number) has been activated. (Error code: 11)" pops up, after clicking the "Activate Button" in License Management Tool.


1.The serial number has been activated in another PC.

2. When you want to activate your license to a new server, you must transfer your license first (from the old server) and then activate the license to the new one.

3. Forget to transfer your license(s), before reinstalling your Windows OS and Mainconsole.



1. Find "ActivateTool" (default folder is "C:\Program Files (x86)\NUUO\SCB_IP")
2. Use "ActiveTool" to transfer all your serial numbers.
Note that there are two different methods to "transfer":
    1. Offline Transfer (if your Mainconsole is not connected to the internet) ---> refer to wiki "How to do Offline Transfer"
    2. Online Transfer (if your Mainconsole is connected to the internet)
Online Transfer steps:
    a. Double click the "ActiveTool" and it will pop out a message to login into Mainconsole.

     b.  After login, a window of License Management Tool will pop out. Input your license, choose "Online" and then click "Transfer".
     c. Transfer successful if everything is correct.
3. Kindly contact us at eHelpdesk v2.0.
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