Error code: 268435460 / The license is invalid


After restarting Mainconsole, an error message "The license is invalid. (Error code: 268435460)" will pop up.
當開啟MainConsole後跳出錯誤訊息"認證檔案毀損. (錯誤代碼:268435460)"


1. Computer specific information has been changed, e.g. hardware replacement or OS re-installation. User has changed hardware information such as, motherboard, RAM, CPU, HDDs, OS and/or network adapter... etc.

Activating your license(s) using wireless LAN card or 3G connection can also result to this issue. Per this cause, kindly refer to Solution 1.
  如您啟用序號時是利用無線網卡或是USB移動網卡也可能造成此錯誤,請參照Solution 1解決您的問題。

2. If Mainconsole is executed in compatible mode, it will also result to this issue. Kindly refer to Solution 2.
    如MainConsole是在相容性模式下執行,也可能造成此錯誤。請參照Solution 2解決您的問題。

3. The OS installation is based on RAID configuration and Mainconsole cannot get the correct FingerPrint information. Kindly refer to Solution 3.
   如您的作業系統是安裝在RAID建立的硬碟槽內,MainConsole將無法獲得正確的硬體資訊而造成此問題。請參照Solution 3解決您的問題。

Solution 1

Step 1: Find the "ActivateTool". (Generally under 'C:\Program Files (x86)\NUUOSCB_IP')
Step 1: 在安裝資料夾下(一般為 'C:\Program Files (x86)\NUUOSCB_IP') 中尋找"ActivateTool"

Step 2: Use "ActiveTool" to transfer all license numbers
Step 2: 執行"ActiveTool"將所有序號轉移
Notice that there are two methods to transfer:
  1. Online Transfer (Mainconsole is connected to the Internet)
     線上轉移 (MainConsole已連接網際網路)
  2. Offline Transfer (Mainconsole is not connected to the Internet)
     離線轉移 (MainConsole無法連接網際網路)
    ---> we'll guide you in this article "
How to do the Offline Transfer"
           請參閱此篇進行離線轉移操作 "How to do the Offline Transfer"
For Online Transfer, follow the below steps:
    a. Double click on "ActiveTool" and a login message for Mainconsole will pop up.
        滑鼠雙擊 "ActiveTool" 並輸入MainConsole密碼登入

     b. After login, a "License Management Tool" window will open.
        Input your licenses, choose "Online" and then click "Transfer".
        登入後將開啟 "License Management Tool"視窗,至轉移頁面選擇所有序號,並選擇線上後擊點"轉移"
     c. Transfer Successful
Step3: Active all your serial numbers again.
Step3: 重新啟用您所有序號
    For Online Activation please follow below steps:
a. Open your Mainconsole again and click "Yes" to the message registering your licenses.
b. Input your SN#.
c. Activate successful
Solution 2
User shall not execute Mainconsole in "Compatibility mode". Uncheck it, if the "Compatiblity mode" is enabled. Kindly do as the following window:

If the issue persists please, contact us .

Solution 3

To avoid license activation failure, do NOT build RAID configuration on the operating system partition.
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