Use Generic/RTSP to Connect with a Camera


In NUUO products, it does not work while choosing Generic/RTSP protocol. While on the other hand, VLC works perfectly.


Root Cause

Since the RTSP URL using in VLC is something like 'rtsp://', entire camera RTSP URL must be appended including extensional strings ("/stream" in this example. The strings varies depends on different designs from different camera vendors) besides camera IP address information.






1.  For requesting camera RTSP URL, you need to check this information with camera vendor. They will provide related information for your needs. Also, the camera RTSP URL information would be different mapping to different camera streams provided. You need to request related information with camera vendor too. 

1.  你必須向攝影機製造商取得攝影機的RTSP串流的URL網址訊息,攝影機的製造商將會據以提供給你。同時,不同的攝影機串流(如果攝影機有提供多串流功能)會對應到不同的攝影機RTSP串流的URL網址訊息,你也必須向攝影機製造商取得相關資訊。

2.  Once you've got the camera RTSP URL information, you can try steps shown below. Let's take Champ camera BL5302 as an example. It's RTSP URL is 'rtsp://'.

2.  一旦你從攝影機製造商取得了攝影機的RTSP串流的URL網址訊息後,你可以試著使用以下的程序透過Generic/RTSP協議將攝影機接上。我們這邊使用Champ廠商的BL5302這個機種的攝影機為例示範一次給你看,這支攝影機所使用的RTSP串流的URL網址訊息如下:


    2.1  In Mainconsole:

    2.1  在Mainconsole裡:

    2.2  In Mini2/Solo/Solo_Plus:

    2.2  在Mini2/Solo/Solo_Plus裡:

    2.3  In NVRTitan:

    2.3  在NVRTitan裡:

    2.4  In Crystal:

    2.4  在Crystal裡:

If you would like to receive second RTSP stream from the camera, you need to replace with correct camera RTSP URL. Still take Champ camera BL5302 as an example, the RTSP URL for its second stream would be 'rtsp://'.



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