Can't receive transaction data from POS?

Can’t properly receive transaction on live view?


1.      Check POS spec

1.      請確認銷售時點情報系統(POS)的規格
1.1  Ensure the POS can send only ASCII code out via RS-232.

1.1  請確認銷售時點情報系統(POS)透過RS-232接口僅送出ASCII格式的資料。
1.2  UTF-16 and 32 are not supported

1.2  UTF-16格式以及UTF-32格式並不支援
1.3  Extended ASCII code is not supported. For more information about it please refer to below link:

1.3  延伸的ASCII編碼格式一樣是不支援的,關於延伸的ASCII編碼格式,請參閱以下連結:
2.      Check POS function

2.      請確認銷售時點情報系統(POS)的功能
2.1  Please go to the printer and ensure it can print out the transaction data from POS correctly. If it doesn’t work, please contact POS manufacturer for troubleshooting

2.1  請至印表機操作確認可以正確列印出銷售時點情報系統(POS)的交易資料,如果不行,請與銷售時點情報系統(POS)製造商連繫並排除故障。

For more information about POS troubleshooting, please refer to the document in below:

POS Troubleshooting Guide


POS Troubleshooting Guide

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