Cannot visualize Instant Playback in Remote Live Viewer over WAN


Cannot visualize Instant Playback in Remote Live Viewer over WAN.

透過外網無法使用Remote Live Viewer觀看即時回放


In Remote Live Viewer, the Instant Playback function requires the client to query playback port from the server side. However, to access the server over WAN, it requires to configure port forwarding settings on the router. 

在Remote Live Viewer裡,即時回放功能需要透過伺服器端的遠端回放服務所使用的通訊埠去取得影像。然而,若要透過外網連接,你必須在路由器端設定相對應的端口映射。

If the port forwarding on the router does not match the port on the server side, the Remote Live Viewer cannot access the server side.

如果在路由器設定好的端口映射的通訊埠與伺服器端的遠端回放服務所使用的通訊埠不相同時,在外網使用Remote Live Viewer的電腦便無法正確連接內網裡的伺服器。


Make sure that the port forwarding on router matches the port on the server side. For example, if the playback port on the server is 5160, the port forwarding mapping on the router shall also be 5160 -> 5160.


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