Use LDAP in Crystal

LDAP support is available in Crystal v3.6 and above. LDAP is only available when using ULTIMATE license


1. Connect to a MSAD server

a. Please go to Config > Management Server > LDAP
b. Please enable LDAP
c. Enter address, port, and base DN.
(please refer to the following example)
(where to find base DN:


2. Add “user”

Please add an account named “user”. The name must be “user” and cannot be replaced.

Please note:
The account “user” represents any users coming from the MSAD server.
The account “user” can be added in any user group.
Any MSAD user will have exactly the same privilege/permission as the account “user”.


3. Login

Please add “domain name” before the MSAD account. For example: nuuo\derek2017-09-26_12h11_34.png



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