How to set up record on event (edge motion) for Crystal

Before start, please make sure the IP camera is supported by NUUO NVR, and the on-edge motion is also supported. Please go to NUUO camera support list and find the camera (see below image for an example).

Please also make sure the motion detection function is turned on on the IP cameras. Please refer to IP cameras' user manual for detail settings.


The procedure:

  1. Please go to Config Tab, select the camera on the device tree, then select the tab "Recording Schedule" on the right hand side.

  2. Select the schedule item on the list, click “Configure” button (the pen icon)

  3. Change the Recording type to “Recording on event”
    The color of the schedule will become blue.

  4. IMPORTANT STEP: Select the event which is going to trigger the recording.

    Please be careful: You normally want to trigger recording by the camera’s own “Motion Started” event. Please make sure you select the event from a correct camera.

  5. Click “Done and back to overview”

  6. Click “Commit” and save the config to server.

  7. HINT: A way to config “Recording on event” for multiple cameras:
    After you have done setting for one camera, you can click the “Copy to” button, and copy recording schedule config to multiple cameras.

    Select multiple cameras

    Please remember to commit to server again
    All cameras’ recording schedule is “Record on event” now

  8. Please note the "Copy to..." function will automatically select the "motion started" event from the same IP camera.
  9. Done.

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