[Crystal/Titan] How to reset Crystal/Titan web & installation wizard password to default?


Lost password to login web page of the NVR.


Follow the instruction below to reset the web & installation wizard password.


(1) Connect monitor and keyboard to the NVR

(2) Power on the NVR, and  continuous click  "Ctrl" “Shift” and “ESC” during startup

(3) Please select "Reset NVR" in the screen (please see image below).

Please note that the network settings and web password will be reset to default.

Monitor display


Please note: 

(1) The recorded video footage will not be touched.
(2) The licenses on the NVR will be kept.
(3) The camera configurations and recording schedule settings will be kept as well.
(4) The user accounts of the Management Server (the account used to login NuClient) will not be affected.

*Crystal server needs to be the latest version. The Titan server needs v.1.7 above 



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    Sebastian Gutmański

    Doesn' t work :/
    It's working after soft update to ver. 1.7.

    Edited by Sebastian Gutmański
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    Phibr Optik

    Same Problem. Catch 22. Can't upgrade to 1.7 to change back to default password....without knowing the password that would allow access to upgrade to 1.7

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