[Crystal] Error : The IP camera license number is 64


Doing Crystal offline activate it shows “The IP camera license number is 64”

Root cause

The activated license number is against the rules of our license server and offline tool.

There are two rules as below:

  1. Offline tool: Maximum 64 pcs license could be activated at the same time. 
  2. License server: When you activate the license, the total license count (the license in current Crystal server + the license you want to activate) cannot over than 170 pcs.

Note: "pcs" is not equal to "channel number". For example, "1 pcs" CT-CAM-ULT-08 is a "8 channels" camera license of Crystal.


1. Please activate the license number that is not over 64 pcs.

2. If you want to activate a license quantity that is over than 170 pcs for one server, please contact our technical support.

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